The only other requirement outside of FBA Wizard for you to be able to make money on Amazon is having a Pro Seller account.

Amazon offers two account types:

  1. Individual seller (which is free) and for people who dabble selling on Amazon

  2. A Pro seller account (with monthly subscription) for those who plan on selling quite a bit on Amazon

There's a bunch of benefits of being a Pro seller, however look at it this way; it's a tiny monthly investment that gives you a website, access to World class fulfilment and also access to Amazon's marketing machine.

In short, it's completely worth having if you're serious about making this work and building a lasting arbitrage business and income.

With that out of the way, watch the video below to see how to get setup:

To get started:

Click HERE for UK Amazon accounts
Click HERE for US Amazon accounts

If you run into any trouble getting setup with Amazon, you can contact them by navigating to the bottom of the Amazon website and using the relevant help/contact links.

The FBA Wizard team unfortunately cannot help you get your Amazon account setup as we don't have the privileges or access to alter your accounts.

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