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Why isn't my Custom URL/Category URL working?
Why isn't my Custom URL/Category URL working?

What to do if you're getting Unrecgonized retailer error.

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Upon entering a custom or category URL, you may get the error message "Unrecognized retailer URL" (as seen in image below).

This happens when the incorrect format of the URL required is entered; in this case, ensure that you use our example provided to get an idea of what the page should look like for the retailer you're scanning.

Each retailer selected will show the example URL once you choose to scan custom or category URLs.

If you are using the correct format and still receive this error message, please contact support with details of the retailer(s) and the URL(s) you're trying to scan.

This could be as a result of the site making changes to their structure on the backend, where all we need to do is update from our end.

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