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Just signed up and don't know where to start? Read below to get off on the best foot with FBA Wizard...

Welcome to FBA Wizard 👋 I know this software is gonna be amazing to you in terms of helping to find products to actually sell on Amazon.

However there are a few steps to take before you dive in.

Make sure to read to the end as I've also included some other super-useful links to extra training etc (all for free) to help you along the way.

Step #1 : Create Your Amazon Professional Seller account

To use FBA Wizard, you need an Amazon professional seller account. This has a host of benefits including allowing you to use Fulfilment by Amazon.

The walkthrough for creating your seller account can be found here. This can be skipped if you already have an Amazon seller account (you may just need to upgrade it from an individual account to a Professional account)

Step #2 : Connect with Amazon SP-API

The next step is to connect your seller account to Amazon FBA through their SP-API integration. This is very easy to do and should take no longer than 2 minutes.

Connect to FBA Wizard via Amazon SP-API

Step #3 : Complete your FBA Wizard profile

  1. Go to https://app.fbawizard.com/user/personal_info

  2. Complete the profile area by adding your details. Although not mandatory, we use this data for features such as filter out of stock items, text alerts when a scan is finished and more. Toggle "Email Notification" if you don't wish to be emailed when a scan has finished.

  3. Click "Submit" to save your information

With those three complete, you're ready to go and start running your first scans! 😎

If you ever get stuck, we have 7 day per week support that's dedicated to your success.

Access support by clicking the little blue icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and our team will assist with any problems promptly.

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