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How to access Wizard IQ settings
How to access Wizard IQ settings

Learn how to configure the WizardIQ Extension.

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Tweaking Your Wizard IQ Settings: A Simple Guide

Ready to customize your Wizard IQ experience? Here's a quick walkthrough on how to access and adjust your settings to fit your needs perfectly.

Finding Your Settings

Locate the 'Cogwheel' Icon: Look for this icon on the calculator - it’s your gateway to customization.

Enter the Settings Page: A click on the cogwheel takes you to where the magic happens - the settings page.

You will be presented with the settings page, which looks like this:

Understanding Your Settings Options

  • Fee Adjustment (%): Add a value like '20' here if you need to cover VAT on Amazon fees (note: this is for those not VAT registered in the EU. US sellers, you can skip this one).

  • Profit Adjustment (%): This one’s flexible. Adjust it based on any discounts or cashbacks you’re leveraging.

  • Fixed Prep Fee: Input any fees charged by your prep center here.

  • Fixed Inbound Shipping per Pound: If there’s an extra shipping cost to your prep center based on weight, note it down here. This is mainly for US sellers.

  • Convert EUR to £: Switch all prices to pounds if that’s how you roll.

Saving Your SP-API Keys in Wizard IQ

It’s essential to save your SP-API keys to keep using the Wizard IQ extension seamlessly. Follow our detailed guide to get this set up.

Need a Hand?

Encountering any bumps? Our support team is just a chat away. Don’t hesitate to reach out for friendly and prompt assistance.

Most issues with Google Chrome extensions can be resolved by Updating Google Chrome. Here's a handy guide on how to do this, and please try to update before contacting support!

Adjusting your Wizard IQ settings is that easy! With everything tailored to your preferences, you’re all set to make the most out of your Wizard IQ journey.

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