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How do I do Euro to UK searches?
How do I do Euro to UK searches?

Learn how to use the powerful reverse Euro search feature!

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The much requested new Euro to UK feature is now live πŸ™Œ

In practice it's much the same as a conventional Euro flip, except you're buying from Europe and selling on Amazon in the UK.

Recommended experience level: Intermediate/Advanced

Here's how to use this exciting new way of finding money-making deals:

  1. Load the Euro Scan section up inside of FBA Wizard

  2. Enter your UK preset or Custom URL of products/categories you'd like to search and then enter any of your parameters such as ROI etc

  3. Toggle the Euro to UK setting on. This will deactivate EFN fees as they aren't applicable for this type of arbitrage deal

4. Hit "Start Scan" as usual.

Where possible we will include shipping in the price listed in the app. There may be circumstances where this is not accounted for and you will have to add this in to your calculations, but from our experience if buying multiples of a products from Amazon in Europe you'll qualify for free shipping.


  • You should continue using Amazon UK URL's and presets as usual, and we'll check those products across Europe and return where you can source the products the cheapest to resell in the UK.

  • Items will be sent to FBA UK for fulfilment (same as if you were doing UK to EU flips)

Any issues, questions or suggestions please hit up our support!

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