What is FBA Wizard?

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Discover the Power of FBA Wizard: Your Ultimate Scanning Tool

FBA Wizard is not just a tool; it's your gateway to effortlessly sourcing products for resale on Amazon (and eBay). Say goodbye to the manual grind of product sourcing. With FBA Wizard, you can set up scans in under a minute that bring back results with positive ROI, all while automatically accounting for fees.

Your Guide to Scan Types in FBA Wizard

When you dive into FBA Wizard, you'll find a menu full of scanning options tailored to different sourcing strategies. Here’s a quick overview of what each scan type offers:

  • Amazon Scan (or Main Scan): Choose from hundreds of retailers to compare against Amazon's prices, finding profitable items for sourcing. Opt for scanning preset categories or input a Custom or Category URL.

  • Euro Flip: Capitalize on buying items in the UK to sell in the EU marketplace for increased profits. This scan streamlines finding those lucrative opportunities.

  • US/Canada Flip: Similar to Euro flips, this feature allows for profitable sourcing between the US and Canadian marketplaces, in both directions.

  • Wholesale Scan: Upload a wholesale list (CSV or XLSX) to compare Amazon prices directly, ideal for bulk buying.

  • eBay Scan: Compare a wide range of retailers against eBay pricing to uncover profitable sourcing options. This can involve preset categories or a Custom URL.

  • eBay Wholesale Scan: Similar to the Wholesale Scan, but focused on finding items to sell on eBay.

  • Merchant Flip: This scan targets buying low from successful Amazon merchants to resell at a higher price. Choose from preset categories or enter an Amazon URL.

  • Reverse Scan: Select preset categories, input an Amazon URL, or upload a file to find profitable items from thousands of retailers.

  • Stack: A handy space to 'stack' items from your scan results for later analysis, ensuring you never lose track of potential opportunities.

Since launching in 2016, FBA Wizard has empowered thousands to start and scale their online arbitrage businesses.

We're committed to your success and love hearing from our users. If you ever need assistance or have feedback, our friendly support team is just a chat away. Let FBA Wizard unlock your online arbitrage potential today!

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