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What is the Virtual Assistant feature?
What is the Virtual Assistant feature?

Learn how to scale with FBA Wizard using virtual assistants (VAs)

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What does the Virtual Assistant feature do?

The Virtual Assistant add-on comes as part of your software and allows for up to 3 VAs to be added in seconds.

So in the case where you have hired VAs or even work with a partner, this feature allows for all users to be logged in at the same time without anyone being logged out (booted out of the account).

How do I add my VA account?

To grant access to your VA (or business partner), follow the steps below:

  • Once your VA's account is created, a green strip appears to the top of the page containing your VA's temporary password:

  • Provide this password to your VA to login along with their email; which they should change to reflect their own password within 24 hours.

Note: If you do need to grant access to more than 3 VAs, please reach out to the support team.

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