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How to recover accidentally deleted items?
How to recover accidentally deleted items?

Learn how to recover those gems you've found with FBA Wizard!

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There's no worse feeling than spending time searching for products, finding a killer deal only to press delete and losing it forever ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Luckily in FBA Wizard we have a couple of "safety" features to help prevent this from happening.

The first is in the general results table.

The delete button needs to be held down very deliberately to actually delete a product; clicking it once won't remove it.

Secondly we've added a backup for your stack where the cream of your product searches sit.

So if you accidentally delete a product from your stack don't fear, simply double click the Stack icon in the navigation and you'll be taken to the Trash stack page where you can re-add products back to your main stack.

These products are saved for 7 days so you don't have the heartache of deleting one of your winning products from your Stack ever again!

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