FBA Wizard offers a heap of filters to cater for our users beginners through to advanced.

If you're fairly new to the software, we highly recommend you leave all filters blank and running your scans. All filters are completely optional and scans will run perfectly fine even if you don't enter anything at all.

The reason for this is by entering filters incorrectly (or unrealistically) you could be missing out on some really cool products or running searches that don't return any products which is really annoying.

NOTE: We pre-fill the "Add % to fees" for UK sellers to account for you not being VAT registered. If you're VAT registered then you should set this to 0.

As you build more confidence and knowledge of the types of ROI% and profit margins to expect, we recommend to be working off 30% minimum ROI and a £5 minimum profit margin along with playing around with your own filter variations.

Setting these fairly low makes sense because anything with a better ROI or higher profit margin will still come through into your results table.

To see what a particular filter does, simply hover over the little question mark to the left of the filter:

Saving Presets

We're all about saving you time which is why you can save different sets of filters.

This is very useful if you have a specific ROI% and profit margin for toys, and another for electronics for example.

To save your filters, simply enter all of your filter specifics and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Click "Manage Filter Presets"

2. Enter a name for your filter preset

3. Click "Save my preset"

That's it! When you wanna use these, just click "Manage Filter Presets" and the "Load" button and you can start scanning away; you can also update these or delete them at any time.

As always, feel free to speak to our support team should you have any specific questions and we'll be more than happy to help you out!

We can be reached anytime by clicking the little blue icon in the bottom right or alternatively by emailing [email protected]

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