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How to use the Schedule Scan feature
How to use the Schedule Scan feature

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The Schedule Scan feature is now live inside of FBA Wizard! πŸŽ‰

Please read this guide to understand how the feature works and how to get the most out of it:

To schedule a scan, simple pick your retailer and enter your parameters as usual, and then instead of hitting "Start Scan" you'll see a button "Schedule Scan".

You're given the option to pick the day and time of your scan, which is up-to 7 days in advance.

Simply pick when you want the scan to begin and then click "Schedule Scan". After this you'll see a confirmation message appear that the scan has been scheduled.

You can then start normal unscheduled scans as usual, and they will begin right away (or be added to your scan queue if you already have scans in progress)

Alternatively, you can schedule more scans at different times, or simply wait and the scan will begin automatically at the day/time you specified!

Cancelling Scheduled Scans

If you made a mistake when scheduling a scan, you can cancel it anytime by locating it in the Saved Scans In Queue and clicking "Cancel"

Understanding The Schedule System

For example if it's Monday at 9AM, and you schedule a scan for Monday at 8AM, the system will presume this is the following Monday.

If you were to pick to schedule at 10AM, the system will schedule the scan to run on the same day.

By default the time zone shown is UTC. You can make the time zone your own in your profile setting (by changing Country)

Understanding Scan Priority

Scheduled scans take preference over normal scans that begin right away (or those that are in your scan queue)

This means if you setup a scan to run right away, and then setup a scheduled scan at 8PM, if the other scan is still in progress, it will end at 8PM so the scheduled scan can begin.

The only exception to this is where you have multiple scheduled scans. In this case the scheduled scan will complete, and then the next scheduled scan will begin ASAP (this may result in the secondary scans beginning later than scheduled)

If you have any questions about scheduled scans, please reach out to the team at [email protected]

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