Okay so you've ran a scan and have a list of products, but have noticed sometimes the two images don't match. 😱

Now this isn't a bug as such, but is a limitation to what a machine can do versus the human eye.

Whilst we have some very advanced algorithms to filter out these "false positives" some retailers titles/images are worse than others and you'll get mis-matches.

On the plus side to this, our match rate is very high on many retailers and you get more results than you ever possibly could doing things manually.

We're constantly working on improving our matching system so things are only getting better, but if you only want perfect matches then:

  1. Try out "EAN/UPC Only" mode which is only websites that provide barcodes for products for superior matching quality;
  2. Or the amazing Euro element of FBA Wizard; this is without doubt the most lucrative yet under-used area of the software and you'll get a perfect image match every time.

If the Euro search intrigues you, then we have an entire course dedicated to it which will help you to get up and running, and profitable in no time at all!

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