Online arbitrage (OA) is the simplest way of selling on Amazon.

Unlike private label selling where you find a niche, then source the product in China and create a brand, with online arbitrage you're selling everyday products that already exist, usually from well known brands.

You don't have any huge minimum order quantities because you can buy one product at a time, thus the risk and cost to get started is far less.

The opportunity exists because of price fluctuations between the retailers and Amazon, when retailers have offers, discounts, sales etc and the same product is selling for more money on Amazon.

You buy the item from the retailers for cheap, and then sell those same items on Amazon for an increased price (arbitrage)

FBA Wizard is a software created to find these price differences and highlight exactly which products have a profit after things like Amazon fees, so makes getting started with online arbitrage simple.

Simply go to and you're able to pick from hundreds of UK, US & Canadian retailers to find price differences with just a few clicks.

By using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) you can get these products sold without dealing with any shipping, using free marketing and not having to deal with customer services.

FBA is open to everybody even if you're just selling in your spare-time from home. All you need to do is register a professional seller account and then you're able to start.

Click HERE to read the guide to Fulfilment by Amazon.

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