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How to use the Mismatch Features
How to use the Mismatch Features

Learn how to improve mismatched products on FBA Wizard.

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Exploring FBA Wizard’s Enhanced Mismatch Algorithm

FBA Wizard is thrilled to introduce a game-changer for your product sourcing: our innovative mismatch algorithm.

This cutting-edge feature is designed to dramatically improve the accuracy of matching products across various retailers to their Amazon listings, tackling the common hurdle of mismatches head-on.

Why Mismatches Matter

Mismatches occur when the product found on a retailer's website doesn't precisely align with the corresponding Amazon listing. The accuracy of matches can vary significantly across different websites, influenced by the product titles and additional data provided.

Our goal was to craft a solution that enhances match rates while remaining adaptable to your needs.

Customizable Mismatch Sensitivity Settings

To offer you control and flexibility, we've introduced adjustable sensitivity settings for mismatches:

  • High Sensitivity: Our most stringent setting reduces mismatches to a minimum but may exclude some accurate matches.

  • Medium Sensitivity: This balanced option maintains a rigorous filter while allowing a steady flow of results.

  • Low Sensitivity: Filters out only the most apparent mismatches, maximizing the number of results with some mismatches included.

  • None: Disables all mismatch filters, letting all results through.

Including Non-Analyzed Items

You can also choose whether to include items not yet analyzed for mismatches in your results:

  • No: Displays only items from our comprehensive mismatch database, excluding new or unprocessed items.

  • Yes: Includes all items, regardless of whether they've been analyzed for mismatches or added to our database.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the settings dynamically, optimizing your scan results in real-time.

Pro Tip for Precision

For those seeking the highest accuracy in matches, we recommend setting the mismatch sensitivity to High and activating the Smart Filter before scanning.

This combination applies our strictest criteria to minimize mismatches, though it may result in fewer findings.

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