One of the newest features inside of FBA Wizard is our new mismatch algorithm.

This is designed to be able to improve the match rate on items across retailers. One of the issues with mismatches is that some websites are better matches naturally because of the titles they use, plus the other data they provide so that we can identify the same product on Amazon.

With that in mind we wanted to make a flexible filter that can be adjusted on the fly depending on the results you're getting in, which is explained how to use below.

Mismatches Sensitivity:

High - This setting is the strictest and will throttle the most mismatches possible, but potentially means you lose some positive matches.

Medium - This is the most balanced setting, giving a strict filter whilst still allowing a good flow of results.

Low - This filters only the most obvious mismatches and means you get the most results, with some mismatches.

None - Turns all filters off.

Include items not analysed for mismatches:

Set this to 'No' to only show results from our global mismatch database. New items or items not yet processed will not be included.

Set this to 'Yes' to include both items that have been categorised as mismatches or not, and items that have not yet been checked and added to the global database.

You can play around with the settings 'on the fly' to see which gives the best result for the particular scan you're running.

Tip: If you want super strict match rates, we recommend to use the setting on "High" combined with the "Smart Filter" located before starting a scan (this combines our strictest algorithms to squeeze out mismatches, but may result in fewer results.)

Please note we're currently building out our global mismatch database with new products. That means the machine learning is ongoing, it won't affect scan speeds but isn't yet refined or perfected to give a 90%+ positive mismatch rate, which is an ongoing focus that we're committed to achieving.

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