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Why don't products always match?
Why don't products always match?

Learn how to deal with mis-matches on FBA Wizard.

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Navigating Image Mismatches in Your Scan Results

You've just completed a scan and excitedly browse through your list of products, only to find... some of the images don't quite match up. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Don't worry, this isn't a glitch; it's a known challenge in the realm of automated scanning.

Understanding Image Mismatches

Image mismatches aren't bugs but rather limitations of what an automated system can discern compared to the nuanced observation of the human eye.

While we boast some pretty advanced algorithms to minimize these "false positives," the reality is that not all retailer titles or images are created equal, leading to mismatches in some cases.

The Bright Side

Despite these occasional mismatches, our system achieves a remarkably high match rate across numerous retailers, yielding far more results than manual searching could ever accomplish.

To fine-tune your results and reduce mismatches, we encourage exploring our mismatch filters further here.

Ongoing Improvements

We're continuously refining our matching system, enhancing accuracy with each update. However, for those seeking absolute precision in product matches, consider these options:

EAN/UPC Only Mode: This mode filters your search to include only products with provided barcodes from retailers, ensuring superior match quality.

Remember, while the quest for perfect matches is understandable, embracing the vast opportunities presented by FBA Wizard, even with occasional mismatches, can significantly amplify your success.

Stay tuned as we strive to make your experience even better with every update!

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